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Meet MIRA! She’s the most Musical Mermaid of the Seven Seas. Join Mira for a boogie and she’ll introduce you to her Giant Pet Fish TITUS who might be in need of some new scales. There’ll be crafts, dancing and fancy dress prizes to hand out so get the kids to costume-up as their own, self-imagined sea creatures.

This is the first of nine FREE events from our June/July School Holidays ‘Eco-Kids Retreat’.

Our OCEAN ESCAPE is a place where Mermaids and Giant Fish come to life. Kids will enjoy the motion of the ocean as they play amongst the seashells and rock pools and take part in magical games and craft activities between 10am-12pm Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday this week.

See our full OCEAN ESCAPE program below:
Monday 28 June: Mermaid Disco
Tuesday 29 June: Retro Disc Fish
Wednesday 30 June: TITUS the Giant Fish

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